Acquired Brain Injury Counselling

Life Supports provides a range of specialist ABI counselling services which seek to effectively improve the lives of people who have been affected by ABI and their families. Our counsellors are highly experienced working with individuals with ABI. They bring with them extensive knowledge and understanding of the emotional and psychological challenges faced by a person whose life has changed as a result of ABI.

The consequences of ABI for the person with the injury and their family can be long term and may not be fully realised until a person attempts to return to their pre-injury life. The cognitive, behavioural and psychological impairments that can result from ABI may impede a person's ability to return to previous employment, carry out domestic duties, relate to their partner, fulfil roles within the family and maintain social networks. This inability to fulfil roles that were part of a pre-injury identity can affect a person's sense of self and have a devastating affect on their emotional wellbeing.

At Life Supports, we work with our clients in the context of their cognitive abilities, to support them through the emotional and psychological challenges they face as a result of ABI. Giving clients an opportunity to talk about losses and experience the emotions that go alongside this is extremely valuable for them and their families. We also work to identify appropriate strategies that a client, family or carer may put into place to manage difficult feelings constructively and enhance emotional adjustment and wellbeing.

Specialist ABI Counselling services include:

• Support adjusting to life with ABI
• Trauma counselling
• Grief and loss counselling
• Family counselling
• Relationship counselling
• Parenting support
• Sexuality counselling
• Drug and alcohol counselling
• Anger management counselling
• Anger management course
• Suicide prevention counselling
• Secondary consultation to case managers
• Professional development training for organisations

We offer home based and community appointments throughout Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Life Supports is an approved TAC provider. For further information please call 1300 73 50 30 or Email us.

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