ABI Counselling and Rehabilitation Service

About Melbourne ABI Counselling

Melbourne ABI Counselling (formally known as Life Supports) is a specialist service committed to meeting the unique and specific needs of adults, children and families affected by ABI.  Since being founded by Marcus Andrews in 2004, our service is entirely focused on providing specialist services to individuals, couples and families affected by ABI. We offer extensive experience and expertise having worked with clients and families at all stages of the ABI journey.

ABI issues are long term and far reaching and can affect physical, cognitive and communication abilities. We are aware of the unique challenges people face when living with an ABI. We also acknowledge the issues partners and families face when adjusting to the complex and difficult task of supporting those with an ABI. Melbourne ABI Counselling prides itself on providing clients with the necessary tools and support to rise to these challenges.

We believe in the importance of seeing people in their own homes and communities, as this allows us to connect with significant people in our clients lives and help them to adjust to life with an ABI in their familiar environment.

We can also offer counselling onsite in our Balwyn office.

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