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Marcus Andrews

Master of Clinical Family Therapy
Bachelor of Social Work

Marcus has been providing ABI counselling since 2002. This has included working with people affected ABI in hospitals, residential settings, community based agencies and prison based rehabilitation services. Marcus' work focuses on providing effective support and understanding around the emotional and psychological impacts of living with an ABI.

Marcus also provides effective interventions for people with serious difficulties such as behavioural problems, sexual difficulties, mental health concerns, suicidality and difficulties adjusting to life with an ABI. Central to Marcus's approach is the belief that Acquired Brain Injuries affect whole families rather than the individual alone and that working with families is often central to creating the change needed for people's lives to improve.

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Liz Chard

Diploma of Professional Counselling
Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology)

Liz has worked as a speech pathologist with adults with acquired brain injury for over 12 years.
Working in rehabilitation settings and in the community, Liz has focused on providing clients and their families with practical strategies to promote effective cognitive functioning and communication ability. Working with individuals and in groups and providing support and brain injury education for families and carers, has been integral to her work.

Liz's counselling qualifications further extend her ability to support clients and their families on an emotional level, to deal with the challenges of acquired brain injury. Her extensive experience and knowledge of acquired brain injury combined with her counselling skills enable her to support clients to deal with both the practical and emotional issues they bring to therapy.

Liz also provides counselling services to Life Supports General Counselling Service.

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Stephen Schmidtke

Master of Clinical Family Therapy
Bachelor of Human Services

Stephen Schmidtke is an accomplished counsellor with over 17 years experience. He has worked extensively in the field of acquired brain injuries (ABI) and offers a client focused approach within both individual and community based settings. He is committed to helping adults, children, and adolescents, to adjusting to life with an ABI as well as offering support to both families and carers.

Stephen’s work focuses on assisting clients with an ABI to identify and implement appropriate strategies in order to constructively manage difficult feelings and enhance their emotional adjustment and wellbeing.

Stephen has extensive experience in supporting clients and their families at all stages on the journey following an ABI. Stephen is holistic in his approach and acknowledges that each client is unique and brings with them their own set of personal beliefs, issues and circumstances. He assists people to explore their relationships with the specific issues concerning them, and works alongside them as they discover and develop new ways of approaching their problems and concerns.

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