Residential Care Transition Counselling Service

Moving from home into residential care can be a hugely emotional and challenging time for the person making the transition and for their family. For the individual, the move represents a loss of independence and an acknowledgement that they can no longer manage daily life without support. This can bring about feelings of loss, disappointment or frustration. For the family, there may be feelings of guilt about the move into care, or worry that their loved one will be happy and secure once the move has been made.

The emotions experienced by everyone in this situation can cloud decision making, impact the dynamics within the family or result in communication break down. If anything, this is a time when good decision making and open and respectful communication is crucial if the transition process is to be successful. When emotions are acknowledged and accepted, the process of adjustment to change is more likely to be effective.

Life Supports counsellors can assist you and your family to work through this time of change in order that family relationships remain positive, communication is productive and the wellbeing of all is maximised, while also facilitating the emotional adjustment of all individuals involved. We can assist you by:

  • Supporting the family group in the process of making and implementing difficult decisions around the transition to residential care
  • Supporting your family group or individuals within the group to adjust emotionally to the process of placing their loved one in residential care
  • Providing counselling within the residential care facility to the person who has made the transition in order to facilitate their adjustment to their new living situation

Services are available in our rooms in Balwyn, or throughout Melbourne in either your home or residential facility.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we can assist you and your family in your situation.

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