Our Therapists

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Suzanne Beaumont

Bachelor of Speech Pathology

Suzanne has worked as a speech pathologist with children, adolescents and adults with acquired brain injuries for over 10 years. Working in Australia and throughout the United Kingdom, Suzanne has worked across a wide range of rehabilitation settings including inpatient and community settings, cognitively based outpatient programs, a specialist ABI challenging behaviour unit and vocational rehabilitation services.

Suzanne has extensive experience in supporting clients and their families at all stages of the journey following ABI. Implementing group and individually-based brain injury education programs has been an integral part of her work, as has supporting clients to manage the impact of cognitive and communicative changes in real-life settings such as school, university and the workplace.

Suzanne believes that rehabilitation should be a client-focused process and uses her vast knowledge of the emotional, cognitive and communicative consequences of ABI to support clients in a holistic manner.